Foreign cultures and systems are not necessarily easy to understand and to adopt. Analysis and audits are important instruments to identify potentials of improvment, nessary changes, determine realistic goals, prepare the path for economical success, allow profitabilty and efficiency. We evaluate the organization’s resources and capabilities in terms of

  • Culture
  • Standards
  • Capabilities
  • Organizational matches (What is required to be sucessful? Does cultural and professional skill set balance? Does the organization fit to requirements? ....)   
  • Performance
  • Compliance and
  • Operational success (project health).

We are providing deeper insights about the organization’s assets, skills, and abilities. In brief: —What is good? What are hidden competencies? What can be improved and how?

You gonna know about major value-creating capabilities that are the building blocks of core competencies created out of routines, processes, knowledge and work activities.

What does such process come along? We get to know about is for example:

  • —What an organization has/doesn’t have (home base vs foreign branch vis versa)
  • Intercultural awarness, cultural leadership and manpower fit to positions
  • —What an organization can/cannot do
  • —Strengths, capabilities and opportunities an organization has
  • ——Assets to support the organization goals for achieving business goals
  • —Input, support, changes and trainings needed to perform
  • ——Financial, physical, human, structural and cultural alignment to perfom compliant yet adopted
  • —Ability to produce champions and core competencies
  • —Requirements to achieve competitive advantage
  • .....