About Us

Ralf Schiffer Transformation Consulting

Doing business in foreign projects, countries and cultures requires affinity for both profession and culture. 

We are your partner providing specific Transition & Transformation Consulting safeguarding your long-term business success and continuity.

Success is based on

  • acceptance & respect of the difference in culture and values

  • understanding of deriving requirements

  • mutual understanding of strategies and governance systems

  • proper leadership

  • honesty and reliability

  • trust, respect, value orientation and

  • transparency.




We learned from successful projects and assignments in several countries and in multicultural organizations in China, USA, Europe and Middle East. Initiatives abroad are often characterized by non-conformity of developed standards and local environments. The need for transformation consulting is eminent to make long-term investments, projects and expansion strategies successful. Our approach is called "Transformation Nexus" enabling collaboration between important success factors such as economy, reliability, trust, objectivity, respect and resilience.


We are your right Partner! We are committed to create added values through

relieving you from burdens ….

  • We are independent and objective

  • We listen first & analyze

  • We free up time for your organizations

.… saving time and cost while making the most out of your budgets ….

  • Suggestions to take clear decisions and allow focused implementations
  • Holistic approach and standard methodologies providing objective recommendations
  • Enabling employees and organizations to sustain investments (Know-How Transfer - Skill - Ability)
  • Embedding cultural aspects to achieve productivity and efficiency targets

…. and helping you controlling processes .…

  • We are always committed
  • We recommend firm decisions
  • We continuously document progress

…. by our amassed experience

  • More than 25 years of experience in project management and executive roles
  • Drafted, developed, managed and executed strategies and initiatives across different cultures
  • More than 15 years at executive level in Middle East, Europe, United States of America and China
  • Private and government experience in rising revenues, generating growth, positioning strategies in competitive markets, generating profits and shareholder values